Equity and Bias Theme Reflection

The very first thing that I believe all of us should really know and grasp very well is the difference between equity and equality which is how we started this theme in class. Basically, if you give all people an apple to eat that’s equality however, some people might be still hungry that they will need more than one apple so by giving them all a single apple doesn’t ensure that they are in the same level of hunger which is not fair. So at the end of the day it is better to focus on being fair (equity) than being equal because if you were to be put in any strict situation you would prefer to be treated fairly and not equally.. I believe.

One great activity we had to do is that in pairs we had to think about something that annoyed us and then think of 5 excuses that would make us forgive the person who does it. This game actually was a great way for everyone to start feeling what others feel by putting themselves in others’ shoes and trying to think of what are the things that could possibly be for a person to do so and so… After listening to what annoyed people in my class, this put me on to keep thinking about how we are so judgmental as human beings where we tend to dislike some people for only their actions or behaviors without giving them the sufficient reasons behind that behavior. Even most of the people in class didn’t think about all the 5 reasons, some got only 2 while some got 3 and 4 where I was one of them which made me feel that I really need to change this habit and give people millions of reasons for doing anything that bothers me or that I dislike.

Finally, one last thing that made me kind of nervous is trying to do the Implicit Harvard test where in the result I found out that I am biased towards light skinned people over dark skinned people which was a never ever expected result because I do never care about skin color; where I believe that everyone is beautiful the way they are whether they are dark skinned or white skin it really doesn’t matter. This made me think of two things…its either the game had something wrong or that we are unconsciously biased towards some things in life that we don’t realize. I even tried doing that test several times and I always got the same result which made me really annoyed.


Know Yourself

Here is the game me and my friend Yasmeen designed. Although our game is given a name of “know yourself” but yet it will only let you know yourself in a certain aspect where we left you to discover it by yourself in order to make you feel comfortable choosing the answers to be more accurate. You will be given a set of scenarios whether you are a male and a female and all you have to do is choose the most relevant answer of your behavior towards that situation where you will get a result based on your answer that will make you discover your personality more. Here you go:


Please help us improve our game and give us your feedback. We would really appreciate it if you have any comments on the scenarios, answers or results in order to make the player behave in the closest way to his/her personality.

Digital Narrative Games

Sleep-deprived Mom game:

This game is a real test for you being a mom. I liked the idea that it really shows you how mothers sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of their children. In anyway, even if you try to have time for yourself still having children will make you sacrifice AT LEAST the number of hours you sleep. This is what actually the game shows us where every time you make a choice to help out your child in something or take care of him/her, you lose around 3 hours of sleep as a consequence. Also, I realized that time is very limited that you even have to think twice before talking to your friends as this time might be beneficial in doing something for your children. The game had all the options that came to my mind while playing.

Depression Quest:

This game puts you in the shoes of a real depressed person. It even crosses out all the options that a non-depressed person can choose in many situations to show you how depressed people’s minds are limited to what they feel living in their own dark isolated world. They are even unconscious that they might pick other choices to do in their life that can take them outside their dark world. However, this game can be improved by even putting more situations for less fortunate people or people who do not have the luxurious facilities to show how depression doesn’t differentiate between a poor and a rich person and to show how life can sometimes get harsh without our own choice.

Single mothers:

The title of the game attracted me to put myself in my mother’s shoes. However, after playing the game I can see that single mothers face a LOTTTT of more struggles in real life that weren’t mentioned in the game. It somehow shows how strong single mothers are but not to the extent that they deserve thus, I believe that the game could be improved by including more situations and also giving more options to choose as there were very limited choices that if I was in those situations in real life I wouldn’t choose any. For example, in one phase I had this situation “Adding to your problems, society looks down upon you and stigmatizes you for being a divorced mom.” And the only option I could choose was “What society thinks doesn’t bother me, my children are my priority” …To be honest, really society doesn’t bother me but what if another person is affected by the society shouldn’t there be another option for him/her?

Domestic Abuse:

In this one you  get to meet domestic violence in Egypt where it made me feel how people should really consider such a problem in our country and give it more attention especially the upper hand people responsible for such problems in our country. However, I believe that more choices should be offered in the situations provided as if I was in those situations in reality I would have thought of behaving differently or picking another options that were not included.

I loved the idea that all the games I played made me look at things in different perspectives trying to consider what others might do and trying to imagine myself in such situations.





Empathy and Bias Reflection

“Put yourself in his/her shoes”.… I’ve always heard that sentence from my mom, my friends, my teachers but never actually had the chance to really feel it and go through the situation of that someone I had to put myself in his shoes. I always tried to understand or even feel the empathy of those people that I sometimes wondered myself in their situation and keep talking to myself that I would do so and so if I were in that same exact situation when actually it turned out to be not. Yesterday, I played the game “SPENT” where it really made me go through the experience of putting myself in someone’s shoes where you get to think how hard life can be when you have to sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of your family or when you have to calculate the consequence of every step you take in your life in order to survive without seeking help from people as you may be ashamed. I discovered that it is not really easy to put yourself in anyone’s position/situation unless you actually try it and have the exact FEELING that person had to go through when passing by this situation. Through this game I’ve learned that judging a situation from outside is completely different where you will definitely make wrong or different actions or even judgments when you are inside the situation in reality. Sometimes you might feel that you don’t like someone/a group of people because of a certain action they did but when you get to pass by the same situation you might do exactly the same action they did that once annoyed you….because simply there might be no other options given by life.

Exploring Digital Literacies

If I were to conduct my own definition for digital literacies, it would be having the knowledge to communicate and achieve your learning goals (digital skills) through exposure to digital technologies knowing when and why to use specific tools (digital fluency)…. Through this definition it is obvious that digital literacies, digital skills, and digital fluency are kind of related where they all complement each other but somehow they are still different in meanings. To be able to expose yourself to digital tools (the definition of digital literacy stated on internet), you have to first learn how to effectively use them using both cognitive and technical skills which is the internet definition of digital skills. Those digital skills will allow you to navigate the social media safely in order to protect your private content to be safe and make you able to track information from reasonable sources to pick the right terms when doing a google search for example. Being effective is not enough because you need to know where and how to find and access to info quickly and accurately to reach your desired outcome (the when and why which is the definition of digital fluency on the internet).

Although wikipedia’s definition of digital literacy is very long, yet I believe it is still not enough and a bit vague as it didn’t state the relation between digital literacies, skills and fluency. Also, I believe digital literacy is not about the ability to find evaluate and communicate clear information as stated but rather it is about the proficiency and proactivity on how to embed digital technologies to find, evaluate, produce and communicate clear information. Dr. Maha Bali’s further explained it in an easy way showing that students should learn digital skills first and then digital literacies where finally they can learn digital fluency to master their techniques where they should never learn them in parallel. She also illustrates that students should first listen and act critically where they cannot act without listening in the first place similarly to how you should be taught digital literacies in my own view.

In my view, the most important elements in digital literacies from my own Egyptian personal context are to be cultural, communicative and critical. People need to pay attention to which the literacies are situated where some countries cannot and should not have access to certain literacies. Communicative is another important element where literacies need to be effectively communicated to reach the target audience in the right form and meaning. Finally, literacies should be critical where people need the technology we are using to avoid using to match our preferences and culture.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 5.57.30 PM

As expected, my digital confidence profile revealed that all my results were in the competent level which actually represents how I see myself. Although my capabilities using digital literacies are very basic but I am proud of knowing the basic needs to secure my password and identity on any social media account as I believe that the identity and the well-being are crucial in everyone’s life to keep yourself safe and avoid any hackers from intruding your private life. I’ve always been passionate about creating and innovating but never actually got the chance to learn any of the editing tools, software packages or platforms (weather they are video editing, photo editing or anything related to multimedia) which I hope to learn/develop in this course.

Due to the fact of realizing the importance of the online security I chose to surf more on this station (Secure online) where I got to learn that passwords chosen for our social media accounts should be long enough but yet sufficiently unique. Moreover, I learned that we should minimize the risk of secure socket layer (SSL), hashing and salting through only typing our passwords through websites that contain https in their URL where they encrypt your password. We should also avoid using servers that store passwords in a plain form to avoid hashing and finally we should avoid salting by adding a random value to plain text passwords.

I chose another related topic which is “Online Identity” in order to know how to protect myself and others more on social media apart from the passwords part. I found very basic steps that most of them I already know… The first step is to think before posting anything on the social media while asking yourself several times weather you want your post to be seen publically be every one or only seen by a small number of people that you choose. The second step is to definitely show respect to others when commenting on their posts and never criticize them in a harsh way. One thing that I wasn’t aware of is that most cameras store information about the info of the photo; where it is taken and the time where hackers can access and reach you thus I realized how important it is to consider this side. Finally, we should be skeptical about all the images and news we see posted because they can easily be manipulated.









Scavenger Hunt Activity

Although I am not a big fan of social media especially twitter, but the Scavenger Hunt activity made me realize how social media can actually bring people together where you get to know and communicate with new people from all over the world. Somehow my misconception on social media changed from being a tool to steal the time spent with the ones you love to a tool that opens new friendships and doors to interact with new cultures. When I heard the Dr saying that next class we are going to do the scavenger hunt activity, I thought that we would be hunting or looking for certain pictures where I felt that it will be kind of boring but it actually turned out to be a really interesting experience where actually for me, guessing games are real fun where they turn me on to challenge myself. This game made me discover that sometimes I can be over self confident and sure about certain things when they actually turn out to be totally different than what I thought which left me more skeptical…