Final Reflection

This course was one of the most interesting courses I’ve taken since I joined AUC. If I were to choose the most important three things that I learned they would be:

First, putting myself in people’s shoes and respecting people’s opinion no matter how much I disagree with them; without being judgmental… I learned that people perceive things differently and that is so natural since each one of us is raised differently. To be honest, I’ve always tried to give people reasons for who they are and what they do; and tried to put myself in their shoes but never actually have been through the experience of having to take decisions on their behalf and think of their situations as if they were my own situation. I was able to go through this through playing the game “Spent” which I really liked and advise everyone to try it. Also, the class activity we did where we had to take the personality of someone who we were assigned made me learn more how to put myself in someone’s else’s shoes……the discussions we went through during class time and the feeling that the Dr Maha gave to each one that his/her opinion matters made me know that no matter how much you think that what you say is ridiculous it may contribute in changing one’s mind and make him rethink some things and most of all it is not ridiculous at all. Also, her persistence to listen to each and everyone’s opinion, even though some of them we all disagreed about, made me learn to respect each and everyone’s opinion without thinking twice or giving a wrong perception on the person in front of me because of him giving an opposite opinion than me. Also, the class activity we did where we had to take the personality of someone, we were assigned made me learn more how to put myself in someone’s else’s shoes.

Second, I learned the art of blogging. It was the first time for me to be introduced to blogging where at first, I felt that it was a heavy thing to do especially that I hate writing articles. But having to blog each and everything in the course made me realize how easy it is where I really loved how every time, I tried to be deeper and reflect what I felt to make people relate more to what I’m saying. It turned to be totally different from writing articles.

Third, I learned to communicate with people from different cultures trying to break the barriers and come up with any new ideas to keep the conversation going; although I am not a sociable person at all. I was able to learn this through the Soliya experience where I had to communicate with different people of different cultures and different backgrounds where some of them where too shy. I always tried to have the initiative to ask questions to those people who were shy and tried to make them talk more and feel more familiar and warmer with the conversation through showing them that I am very interested to know more about their cultures. I was really glad to push myself and try to be engaged in the conversation as much as I can although this is really opposite to my personality and opposite to what I am used to.

Finally, I believe that the course is perfect but if I were to eliminate anything it would be the readings, however, it is a personal opinion where maybe some of the people love reading but I always prefer videos where I really respect that most of the time the Dr gave us options between reading and watching videos. Also, another thing that I believe would be helpful is to assign each two persons to the 4sessions of Soliya where each one of them should attend a minimum of 2 sessions and a maximum of 4 where they can attend them together or divide them among each other (it is up to them) since it is really hard to have to attend 2 hours each week at the same time where I had to sacrifice really important things that I wouldn’t want to miss in order to attend the Soliya meetings on time.


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