Privacy and Algorithms Class Reflection

After reading the slides of the last class, I realized that we are starting to discuss a new theme which is privacy and algorithms. This theme is very interesting since it shows the different levels of invading privacies, and different security tools as well.  I started by watching the first video on the class slides called “Our Friends Electric”which gave me two different impressions. At first, I was amazed with the development of technology and how people were able to create such intelligent machine that makes real full conversation with humans; as it gets everything done for you, makes life easier, and saves time. However, still it has its drawbacks such as making people lazier and dumber, and most importantly invading their privacies. To illustrate, “Eddi” the machine which appeared in the first part of the video was intelligent enough to detect that the owner might have had health issues and so it made an appointment with a doctor, but the annoying part about this is that it had access to change the owner’s meeting time without referring to him. The fun fact about the privacy theme is that people who want to keep their lives and accounts safe and private are the ones who invade their privacies themselves. For instance, most of the social media and mobile applications users agree on the privacy terms and policies without reading them, so they basically allow these applications to collect and use their personal data with their own agreement. The “Karma” device which appeared in the same video also is a privacy invading tool which invades whoever agrees to live with it. Any Karma owner is just giving a machine his identity to use it, and then he will be responsible for what this machine said. Although people can control this machine setting, still there are some situations where human interactions are the only thing needed to solve a problem. Also, the last part in the video “Sig” was the creepiest machine that any human can own, because having a deep conversation with a machine instead of having it with a friend or a psychiatrist, in my opinion, might lead to real mental problems. After that, I watched the Mind Readervideo which made it straight to the point.  I knew that there must be a trick and that the man wasn’t really reading people’s minds, but I was shocked with the type of information he was telling them. For instance, the negative balance on the bank account of a woman. However, when the magic was revealed; as it appeared in the video that all the information gathered about the people are taken from their social media accounts, I had one thought in mind which is why do people share such important information about themselves on the social media platforms. Finally, I watched the Platform Capitalismvideo by Chris Gilliard which was discussing the surveillance capitalism issue and how can people have the ability to be free from being surveilled. Gilliard was mainly trying to address in his video how do people enable surveillance capitalism and that people should understand the definitions of open in terms of freedom so that they would be free from being capitalism surveilled.

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