“know Yourself” Final Draft

Me and my friend, Yasmine made a game called “know yourself” that is designed to make people realize their unconscious judgmental doings that they are used to do or even do rarely to help them point out and be aware of this part in their personality that they might want to improve. It is designed for both males and females with different random scenarios that they might face on normal days.

Here are our previous blogs for the game:



After publishing our first draft, a lot of people tried it and some pointed out several comments that we tried to improve:

  • We changed the name of the game from being called “judgmental people” to “know yourself” in order to try to eliminate the manipulation done by people to make themselves non judgmental..in more sense to make them react more freely according to their personality
  • Our professor Dr Maha Bali pointed out some comments that we took into consideration…First, she asked us to revise the English and flow of the words of the scenarios as it was not clear enough; we did this through adding the question ” What would you do?” after some scenarios as the professor suggested, and through fixing the wording of the scenarios and choices, so that they match each other. Second, she pointed out that there is a scenario where there was a woman driving to Sahel and there were three young men standing beside a parked car waving for her to help which might be unfair to judge this situation in Egypt as it is dangerous for a girl to stand alone for three men which is somehow a biased situation. Therefore, we replaced this scenario with another one. Third, there were titles called “untitled” in the scenerios where we removed them as the scenarios are random and don’t require titles. Finally, she pointed out that some branches lead to wrong places thus we fixed this issue making sure they point to the right place.
  • One of the comments we received from our colleagues was suggesting an addition to the options of a certain scenario which was “A student in your class keeps complaining about the course and tells you that he will be failing the course. However, the grades of the first midterm are out and you find that this student got 100/100 in the exam. What would you do?”. Our colleague’s comment was that when she read the scenario she thought that this student is smart and wouldn’t fail the course but he is a bit nervous so he keeps complaining about the course. However, assuming that the student is complaining because he is nervous about the course is still a judgement that should not be made. Another comment that we received about the same scenario was “I just have one comment on the student who got 100%. I chose the option of asking him to help me for the coming test, and the comment after the question said that I shouldn’t prejudge him as a liar, which I didn’t at all with the option I chose, so maybe add 2 comments to this question in particular, one for those who chose options that imply judging, and another for those who didn’t judge”. After reading this comment, we fixed that through changing the option mentioned by the player to make it much clearer.
  • Another comment pointed out by another colleague was about the scenario having the a guy crash into your car and damaging it where by mistake we didn’t include an option of being not judgmental and having your car fixed at the same time because it is your right to get paid for the damage or to have the one who damaged your car fix it for you, thus we added this option.
  • We added a conclusion at the end of the game which was not included in the first draft in order to ensure that the players get the aim of the game.

If I had more time to design this game I would’t have done much actually, but perhaps I would’ve thought about more deep situations and would’ve considered more different aspects of personalities not only the judgmental side like bias for example to give more room for people to discover themselves and make positive changes to their personalities. Other than that I feel that it is good and needs no more changes.

Last but not least, the most important thing I’ve learned through this game is that I kept watching my reactions and found out that even me although I don’t like judgmental people but unfortunately it turned out that I am unconsciously one of them. Thus I will definitely focus on changing this aspect in my personality. Another thing is gaining the experience to try to expect how different minds would react towards different scenarios with many different actions which actually mad me realized how diverse our human nature and personalities are.

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