Equity and Bias Theme Reflection

The very first thing that I believe all of us should really know and grasp very well is the difference between equity and equality which is how we started this theme in class. Basically, if you give all people an apple to eat that’s equality however, some people might be still hungry that they will need more than one apple so by giving them all a single apple doesn’t ensure that they are in the same level of hunger which is not fair. So at the end of the day it is better to focus on being fair (equity) than being equal because if you were to be put in any strict situation you would prefer to be treated fairly and not equally.. I believe.

One great activity we had to do is that in pairs we had to think about something that annoyed us and then think of 5 excuses that would make us forgive the person who does it. This game actually was a great way for everyone to start feeling what others feel by putting themselves in others’ shoes and trying to think of what are the things that could possibly be for a person to do so and so… After listening to what annoyed people in my class, this put me on to keep thinking about how we are so judgmental as human beings where we tend to dislike some people for only their actions or behaviors without giving them the sufficient reasons behind that behavior. Even most of the people in class didn’t think about all the 5 reasons, some got only 2 while some got 3 and 4 where I was one of them which made me feel that I really need to change this habit and give people millions of reasons for doing anything that bothers me or that I dislike.

Finally, one last thing that made me kind of nervous is trying to do the Implicit Harvard test where in the result I found out that I am biased towards light skinned people over dark skinned people which was a never ever expected result because I do never care about skin color; where I believe that everyone is beautiful the way they are whether they are dark skinned or white skin it really doesn’t matter. This made me think of two things…its either the game had something wrong or that we are unconsciously biased towards some things in life that we don’t realize. I even tried doing that test several times and I always got the same result which made me really annoyed.

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