Digital Narrative Games

Sleep-deprived Mom game:

This game is a real test for you being a mom. I liked the idea that it really shows you how mothers sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of their children. In anyway, even if you try to have time for yourself still having children will make you sacrifice AT LEAST the number of hours you sleep. This is what actually the game shows us where every time you make a choice to help out your child in something or take care of him/her, you lose around 3 hours of sleep as a consequence. Also, I realized that time is very limited that you even have to think twice before talking to your friends as this time might be beneficial in doing something for your children. The game had all the options that came to my mind while playing.

Depression Quest:

This game puts you in the shoes of a real depressed person. It even crosses out all the options that a non-depressed person can choose in many situations to show you how depressed people’s minds are limited to what they feel living in their own dark isolated world. They are even unconscious that they might pick other choices to do in their life that can take them outside their dark world. However, this game can be improved by even putting more situations for less fortunate people or people who do not have the luxurious facilities to show how depression doesn’t differentiate between a poor and a rich person and to show how life can sometimes get harsh without our own choice.

Single mothers:

The title of the game attracted me to put myself in my mother’s shoes. However, after playing the game I can see that single mothers face a LOTTTT of more struggles in real life that weren’t mentioned in the game. It somehow shows how strong single mothers are but not to the extent that they deserve thus, I believe that the game could be improved by including more situations and also giving more options to choose as there were very limited choices that if I was in those situations in real life I wouldn’t choose any. For example, in one phase I had this situation “Adding to your problems, society looks down upon you and stigmatizes you for being a divorced mom.” And the only option I could choose was “What society thinks doesn’t bother me, my children are my priority” …To be honest, really society doesn’t bother me but what if another person is affected by the society shouldn’t there be another option for him/her?

Domestic Abuse:

In this one you  get to meet domestic violence in Egypt where it made me feel how people should really consider such a problem in our country and give it more attention especially the upper hand people responsible for such problems in our country. However, I believe that more choices should be offered in the situations provided as if I was in those situations in reality I would have thought of behaving differently or picking another options that were not included.

I loved the idea that all the games I played made me look at things in different perspectives trying to consider what others might do and trying to imagine myself in such situations.






One thought on “Digital Narrative Games

  1. Thanks Nermeen. Your blogpost gave me an idea. If anyone sees another game by another student and wants to improve upon it, you could do that for your project, acknowledging the other person for their original idea and then expanding it yourself. As an option 🙂


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