Empathy and Bias Reflection

“Put yourself in his/her shoes”.… I’ve always heard that sentence from my mom, my friends, my teachers but never actually had the chance to really feel it and go through the situation of that someone I had to put myself in his shoes. I always tried to understand or even feel the empathy of those people that I sometimes wondered myself in their situation and keep talking to myself that I would do so and so if I were in that same exact situation when actually it turned out to be not. Yesterday, I played the game “SPENT” where it really made me go through the experience of putting myself in someone’s shoes where you get to think how hard life can be when you have to sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of your family or when you have to calculate the consequence of every step you take in your life in order to survive without seeking help from people as you may be ashamed. I discovered that it is not really easy to put yourself in anyone’s position/situation unless you actually try it and have the exact FEELING that person had to go through when passing by this situation. Through this game I’ve learned that judging a situation from outside is completely different where you will definitely make wrong or different actions or even judgments when you are inside the situation in reality. Sometimes you might feel that you don’t like someone/a group of people because of a certain action they did but when you get to pass by the same situation you might do exactly the same action they did that once annoyed you….because simply there might be no other options given by life.


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